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  • Tallink celebrates Ten Years with Seaware

    Versonix's Seaware successfully supported the growth of Tallink-Silja’s dynamic business over the last ten years.

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  • Virgin Voyages selects Versonix Seaware

    Leading up to the much-anticipated launch of Virgin Voyages, Virgin has selected Versonix Seaware as it’s premier reservation platform.

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This functionality is used to set up deck records which represent the decks available on the ship that are used for storing cars. The specific rule layout will depend on your business policies - various templates can be used to set up the required conditions.

The final result template will determine the invoice item type for the charge and the amount that will be charged. Business rules allow to setup pricing for the car requests on different criteria such as car model, car weight, car length, car price category, etc.

Car inventory may be defined in meters and or units. There are user-definable master tables where car request parameters can be formalized to make it easier and faster for reservation agents to book a car request. Having all of the parameters defined allows availability and pricing management to be simplified.