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  • Salesforce Integration

    Versonix-Seaware now is integrated with Salesforce CRM. Here are few details:

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  • Seaware Analytics is available now

    *Seaware Analytics is available now* Versonix latest development is Seaware Analytics with Tableau as data visualization tool is ready to be delivered to the customers. 

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This functionality offers the ability to set up Conference Facilities with configurable Room Layouts. Conference Facilities may have specific hours of operation. The conference reservations are booked on a Room Capacity basis.

Conference Room Inventory managing is made simple as it is sold on a GTY basis with the ability to perform manual or auto assignment of room layouts through inventory. It also provides the ability to place a room in reserved mode (e.g. out of order, crew only, etc.).

Setup of conference room layouts provides certain options such as Projectors, Coffee, Disco Ball, Sound System, etc; which may be associated with the room layout to facilitate the search and reservation of such items. Add-ons may be purchased within or automatically attached to the Conference Room reservation. Conference Facilities offer a wide range of possible uses onboard, from Nursery to Spa installations, Conference Rooms to Wedding Banquets, etc. The ability to book Conference Room reservations within and outside of sail dates is available. Business rules define the criteria used to price Conference Room reservations. Selling Limits define the criteria used to determine which Conference Rooms may be reserved.