March 2005 News » Dining Reservation

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  • Tallink celebrates Ten Years with Seaware

    Versonix's Seaware successfully supported the growth of Tallink-Silja’s dynamic business over the last ten years.

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  • Virgin Voyages selects Versonix Seaware

    Leading up to the much-anticipated launch of Virgin Voyages, Virgin has selected Versonix Seaware as it’s premier reservation platform.

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This functionality offers the ability to create Dining Facilities with configurable layouts. These Dining Layouts may have specific hours of operation and within these hours they may also have specific Sitting times.

The Hours of Operation may also be setup per Dining Facility. Dining Inventory Managing is made simple as it is sold on a GTY basis with the ability to perform manual or auto assignment of tables. It also provides the ability to place a table in reserved mode (e.g. out of order, crew only, etc.).

Options can be specified during table setup to better define the service or location of the table; e.g. Non-Smoking, By Window, Handicapped Accessible, etc. Dining reservations may be booked on a table or seat basis. Add-ons can be purchased within or automatically attached to the Dining reservation. The ability to book Dining reservations within and outside the sail dates is available. Business rules define the criteria used to price Dining reservations. Selling Limits define the criteria used to determine availability for Dining Reservations.