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  • Tallink celebrates Ten Years with Seaware

    Versonix's Seaware successfully supported the growth of Tallink-Silja’s dynamic business over the last ten years.

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  • Virgin Voyages selects Versonix Seaware

    Leading up to the much-anticipated launch of Virgin Voyages, Virgin has selected Versonix Seaware as it’s premier reservation platform.

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In Seaware we have traditional packaging that is represented by Primary Packages, Land Packages and Shorex. These packages are designed to be a set of predefined components and are sold as one product. These packages, let’s call them ‘True Packages’, serve very well when a customer is not allowed any deviations / choices over what is offered.

Sometimes there is a need to be able to sell so-called flexible packages, which are characterized by the various combinations of vacation components / services provided by or booked through the cruise line.

In Seaware, Dynamic Packages are implemented in addition to the existing True packages - both are used simultaneously in the system.

Overall benefits and features associated with Dynamic Packages

    Allows the travel provider to support their business practice of selling flexible vacations with the benefits of a packaged vacation.
    Allows flexibility for your customers in terms of vacation length, destination, dates, ship/hotel choice, etc.
    Speeds up the booking process since you are able to customize booking flow based on predetermined shopping patterns.
    Selling a set of a la carte products / services as a vacation package without having to create a True package and without sacrificing the benefits of true packages - based on the dynamic package pricing templates provided.
    Reduces the number of true packages and provides a way of overcoming limitations associated with true packages.

Dynamic Package is a user-definable combination of generic components due to large demand on the market or a combination of components that the cruise line would like to promote. Each combination / package is given a name and description.