March 2006 News » Reservation Check-In and Printing of Check-In Documents

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  • Salesforce Integration

    Versonix-Seaware now is integrated with Salesforce CRM. Here are few details:

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  • Seaware Analytics is available now

    *Seaware Analytics is available now* Versonix latest development is Seaware Analytics with Tableau as data visualization tool is ready to be delivered to the customers. 

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This functionality is used to facilitate the guest check-in process for voyages within Seaware. Check-in defines the sails that are open for check-in and to retrieve all corresponding reservations. It is possible to setup a set of validations for the check-in process using business rules in Seaware. It is possible to edit the reservation within the Check-in module as well as to execute payments, update client information, etc.

Seaware can also be set up to print documents such as guest itineraries, boarding passes, key cards, check-in logs, guests’ coupons, meal tickets, etc. during the check-in process. Business rules are used to specify the conditions that determine which documents are printed when a reservation is checked-in, also multiple documents can be created and printed at the same time. Check-in terminals may be defined. Multiple Sails may be check-in simultaneously.