June 2006 News » Reservation Shopping Basket

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  • Tallink celebrates Ten Years with Seaware

    Versonix's Seaware successfully supported the growth of Tallink-Silja’s dynamic business over the last ten years.

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  • Virgin Voyages selects Versonix Seaware

    Leading up to the much-anticipated launch of Virgin Voyages, Virgin has selected Versonix Seaware as it’s premier reservation platform.

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Shopping basket is a quick way to book and edit a reservation. When searching for a component we can define certain criteria, and based on that the system “pulls up” available values field by field.

The shopping basket also offers the ability to quickly shop for cabins, dining, conference room, car, hotel and suggested add-ons directly linked to the selected sail and within the sail’s date range.

The shopping basket also offers the ability to quickly exchange sails by defining only the new date, rather than executing a search and reselecting the sail package. When changing the sail date, the system automatically places all linked components (e.g. dining) onto the new date.