January 2007 News » Sail Itinerary Changes – Repair Queue

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  • Salesforce Integration

    Versonix-Seaware now is integrated with Salesforce CRM. Here are few details:

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  • Seaware Analytics is available now

    *Seaware Analytics is available now* Versonix latest development is Seaware Analytics with Tableau as data visualization tool is ready to be delivered to the customers. 

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This functionality is used to change the itinerary of a sail, consequently placing all corresponding reservations into a Repair Queue Header. At this point these reservations are locked, meaning they are not editable unless from within the Repair Queue.

This is to allow the reservation agent or back office personnel to contact the reservations and allow the guests to make decisions due to the sail itinerary changes; such as cancelling the reservation, exchanging sail packages and/or other components in the reservation, etc. These reservations may be unlocked at any time.