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  • Havila has selected Versonix as partner for Reservation System

    Havila has selected Versonix Seaware as its reservation platform to serve the leisure and transportation markets for cruises along the Norwegian coast.

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  • Lindblad Expeditions signs up with Versonix Seaware

    NEW YORK, NY, November 8th, 2018 --- Lindblad Expeditions, a global provider of expedition cruises and adventure travel experiences, has signed an agreement with Versonix to implement Versonix’ Seaware reservation system.

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Seaware – an acclaimed reservation system used worldwide by major cruise lines, ferries and resorts – is the ultimate business management tool. Featuring an innovative and patented rules-based system, Seaware can be customized to support specific business goals and allow dynamic and real-time responses to an ever-changing world market. Enhancing customer relations is effortless using any of Seaware’s Sales and Marketing, Reservations, or Yield and Revenue Management functionalities. The Seaware solution provides a solid and flexible platform that serves as a common point for all distribution channels, including call centers, GDS, web portals and the Internet.

Adjust Business Policy on the Fly.

Utilizing the Seaware Business Rules engine, marketing departments can generate competitive promotions that hit the reservation floor in minutes. Up-to-the-second business policy changes can be made without any programmer involvement.

Manage Yield and Revenue

Seaware delivers sophisticated yield and revenue management tools. The US Patented Seaware Forecasting Module ensures timely responses to your market and can boost revenue through early identification of sales and promotional needs.

Connect to Distribution Channels

Reducing the distribution costs of products is a familiar business goal in every industry. Seaware works as a one-stop distribution source, with integration to Global Distribution Systems, wholesalers, web portals, and the Internet.

Know Your Customer

Customer profiles and reservation history are essential to effective marketing, but are useless without a solid way to capture and access the information. Seaware does this and more with ease, giving you greater management of your loyalty programs and a bump in repeat business.

Transaction Fee-Based Reservation Model

Offered in partnership with IBM Corporation, Seaware is now available in a “Reservation as a Service” model, providing customers with a flexible, dependable and scalable system to support future growth at a lower total cost of ownership. Reservation as a Service is provided on a fee-based model, so customers are no longer responsible for infrastructure setup, application management or maintenance. The program also includes training and consulting time to help fine-tune implementation. This new model offers customers significantly reduced time-to-market, minimal startup costs and allows unrivaled flexibility and predictability.

View a chart of the Seaware Architecture