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  • Havila has selected Versonix as partner for Reservation System

    Havila has selected Versonix Seaware as its reservation platform to serve the leisure and transportation markets for cruises along the Norwegian coast.

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  • Lindblad Expeditions signs up with Versonix Seaware

    NEW YORK, NY, November 8th, 2018 --- Lindblad Expeditions, a global provider of expedition cruises and adventure travel experiences, has signed an agreement with Versonix to implement Versonix’ Seaware reservation system.

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Seaware offers world-class resorts a number of profit-boosting capabilities, including comprehensive revenue optimization, packaging abilities, seamless integration with corporate websites, and unique capabilities for managing marketing programs.

The Seaware reservation system allows customers to boost operating efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing costs of sale by using sales, marketing and revenue-yield management capabilities for inventories.

Versonix Resorts Reservation System Main Functions



  • individual and Group reservations
  • support for Multi-Unit bookings
  • dynamic Product Packaging (Hotels, Tours, Excursions, etc)
  • additional Products and Services (meals, drinks, etc.)
  • time-based activities (spa, classes, etc)
  • ability to record a quote for customer without holding inventory & requiring payments
  • ability to link reservations traveling together
  • restaurant assignment
  • brochure Requests
  • documentation Printing Management/Queue


Extensive CRM Functionality

  • guests (Profile, Loyalty Program, Contact Management)
  • agencies (Profile, Performance, Contact Management)
  • marketing Campaign Management

Guest Management

  • detailed profile
  • support for loyalty programs (levels, points earned/used)
  • complete vacation/booking history
  • on-board spending history
  • customer contact history
  • duplicate control/merge

Agency Management

  • detailed profile
  • rule-based commission management (% can vary by product, agency performance, etc.)
  • agencies hierarchy support (ownership, consortium)
  • performance monitoring/history
  • ability to associate specific commissions, payment schedule, insurance and cancellation policy with a specific promotion

Rule-based Business Policies

  • Pricing/Promotions, Loyalty Program, Cancellation, Payment Schedule, Taxes, Automatic Payment/Balance Collection and more.
  • selling Limits Mechanism for Inventory and Promotions Control

Pricing Management

  • flexible business rules-based pricing (based on product, market, guest profile, seasons, etc.)
  • ability to price per room, person, day, hour, number of stops, etc.
  • easy way to create promotions with eligibility and capacity controls as well as compatibility 
  • support for promotions combinability (can be at reservation or guest level)
  • support for percent discount or flat amount (can be applied to specific price component)
  • support for dynamic pricing model based on hotel/resort utilization, days before departure, etc.


Inventory Management

  • day room inventory to accommodate custom segments and overlapping packages.
  • “Nested” categories setup (combine categories for availability requests)
  • ability to create messages for specific markets to promote market-applicable products and services
  • flexible rules-based inventory management with yield maximization
  • ability to monitor inventory yield and attrition using probability
  • allotment support for rooms
  • easy way to switch rooms between categories on recurrent basis
  • ability to block rooms for special user definable needs – including ability to mass block/unblock room
  • ability to Fix Assign a reservation (assigned specific room # to a reservation, only those users with special rights can unassign)
  • waitlist support
  • ability to setup room proximity and use it during auto-assignment


Reservation Accounting

  • extensive reservation accounting functionality; most accounting functions are business rules driven – providing flexible control of accounting flows and events
  • ability to create any kind of payments, including user-definable payments
  • online credit/debit card payment processing
  • 3D Secure
  • apply any combination of payments (CC, Check, discount coupon)
  • any kind of refund including user-definable 
  • check printing facility
  • facility to hold and manage client and agency funds
  • batch payment facility (one payment to multiple reservations or multiple payments to multiple reservations – used for reconciling payments entered vs. physical payment records)
  • flexible rules defining Priority, Date and Type of refund
  • ability to move funds between any entity in the system 
  • coupons subsystem (as payment & discount)
  • GL accounting: ability to generate GL entries (on daily transactions & Revenue Recognition as well as 3rd party payments), summarize, and interface to a GL system (such as Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft, SAP, etc.)
  • interface to insurance company
  • support for credit agencies (terms billing)
  • ability to store & calculate cost
  • ability to generate GL entries to Write-off or AR/AP accounts for unbalanced bookings


Built-in Yield and Revenue Management

  • automated Price Control
  • automated Inventory Control
  • demand Forecasting


Distribution/Service Channels

  • Complete Reservation XML API (SOA)
  • Support for Handheld and Self-Serve Kiosk
  • Internet (B2B, B2C)
  • Travel Portals (Expedia, Travelocity)
  • Tour Operators

Probability Concept (US Patent No. 7,487,103)

  • ability to manage oversell using statistical likelihood of reservations materializing.


  • integration with Crystal Report Server
  • standard management and operational reports