Unlocking its full potential to drive new levels of efficiency and performance, Versonix has deployed cutting-edge machine learning technology to its Seaware Analytics module.

Facilitating the flow of reservation data into the data repository, the ML engine weighs actual patterns against target booking curves, correlating performance between various categories and departure dates. Allowing customers to control strategic pricing for multiple virtual categories and implementing pricing strategies for all physical categories. Providing this flywheel of data enables the module to move from recommendations to semi-automatic and eventually fully automatic and real-time adjustments.  All the while, Seaware “learns” as it continues to work with clients and partners on fine-tuning the model.

Versonix realizes machine learning technology is a competitive necessity and essential to impacting the travel and leisure industry’s future. Below are 6 major ways ML brings value to our customers:


  • Cost reduction: Applying ML and intelligent automation solutions to automate tasks that are relatively low value and often repetitive, reducing costs through improved efficiency and quality.
  • Speed to execution: Reducing the time required to achieve operational and business results by minimizing latency.
  • Reduced complexity: Improving understanding and decision making through analytics that are more proactive, predictive and able to see patterns in increasingly complex sources.
  • Transformed engagement: Changing the way people interact with technology, enabling businesses to engage with people on human terms rather than forcing humans to engage on machine terms.
  • Fueled innovation: Redefining where to play and how to win by using ML to enable innovative new products, markets and business models.
  • Fortified trust: Securing a business from risks such as fraud and cyber and improving quality and consistency while enabling greater transparency to enhance brand trust.

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