Explora Journeys (Luxury division of MSC Cruises) is now live with Versonix Seaware B2C booking functionality. Our new B2C solution is built on the Google Flutter platform, allowing a single code base to work in the browser and to be compiled into native Android and iOS applications. Features include:

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with corporate websites to present users with complete booking capabilities, including booking the cruise and auxiliary products such as Shore Excursions and Pre/Post Land programs.

Customizable User Interface

User interface is customizable to match any corporate website’s presentation layer. Our customers are now able to realize significant savings by incorporating our B2C solution: no further need to maintain a separate team to develop and maintain browser-based and native mobile apps and keep them in sync with changes in the core Seaware platform.

Payment Platform Integration

Integration with payment platforms, rapid deployment of business policy changes, promotions, new products, and other dynamic adjustments.

Internationalization Features

Multiple currencies and various languages supported out of the box.

Follow the link below to see how Versonix Seaware B2C booking functionality is working for Explora Journeys. https://explorajourneys.com/