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Seaware provides an integrated platform to cruise lines that maximizes efficiency through sales, marketing, and revenue yield management capabilities.

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Core Capabilities

Seaware reservation platform offers world-class cruise lines comprehensive revenue optimization, packaging capabilities, seamless integration with corporate websites, and unique capabilities for managing marketing and sales programs.


Product Management

Guest Management

Loyalty Program
Sales Channels

Rule-Based Business Functions

Facility Management

Schedule & Itinerary Management

Inventory Management

Analytics and Reporting

Pricing Management


Agency Management


Interfaces and Distribution

Yield and Revenue Management


  • Individual and group bookings.
  • Multiple cabins and ships on one booking.
  • Individual, per guest itinerary.
  • Elaborate packaging capabilities.
  • Shopping by attribute.
  • Book custom cruise segments (embark/disembark).
  • Customizable user interface for different channels.

Product Management

  • Any number and types of products.
  • On board dining, conference room, workshops, spa treatment with detailed schedule and capacity control.
  • Hotel as room allotments, on request or free sale basis.
  • Transportation support (air, transfers, bus connection, etc.).
  • Support or add-ons (miscellaneous items and services) with capacity control.
  • Allotments of cabins.
  • Support for simple or complex routes (trips lasting a few hours to multi-day trips).
  • Support for custom cruise segments.
  • Land packages.
  • Shore excursions.
  • Packaging capability (optional and mandatory components).

Guest Management

  • Extensive guest profile.
  • Household (family) concept.
  • Guest onboard preferences.
  • Unlimited classification and grouping of clients.
  • Suggest products and upsell based on the profile.
  • Guest referral program.
  • Guest’s travel history, including on board spend.
  • Online integration with Salesforce.

Loyalty Program

  • Flexible rule-based loyalty program to earn/redeem.
  • Multiple loyalty programs per guest.
  • Earn points using any criterion.
  • Earn points for external spend/activities.
  • Redeem points using any criterion.
  • Pay with a combination of points and money.
  • Affinity programs with other companies.

Sales Channels

  • Responsive and mobile ready for all channels (B2C| B2B| CC).
  • All booking channels (B2C, B2B, CC) are ready from day one.
  • Consumers, on board consultants and agencies can comfortably work using their mobile devices.

Rules-Based Business Functions

  • Pricing/discounting/promotions.
  • Payment schedule and cancellation policies.
  • Commissions.
  • Taxes and fees.
  • Insurance.
  • Sales and marketing messages.
  • Business policy validation.
  • Selling limits.
  • Finance/accounting and GL integration.
  • Guest certificates and coupons.
  • Guest ticketing/documentation.
  • Add-on products and services.
  • Reservation auto notification and changes.
  • Loyalty programs (earn & redeem).
  • Multi-company support.
  • Invoice items and costs.

Facility Management

  • Table information and capacity control (number of seats).
  • Dining configuration: Sit down, buffet, self-service.
  • User definable restaurant seating with time and cleaning slots.
  • Ship room: name, capacity, cleaning, etc.
  • Ship rooms layout: Effective dates/times and occupancy.
  • Time-slots inventory driven.

Schedule & Itinerary Management

  • Wizards to help quickly create recurring itineraries.
  • Easily setup and change schedule/itinerary without stopping operations.
  • Quick ship or voyage substitution with automated (rule-based) reservations transfer from ship-to-ship or voyage-to-voyage.
  • Automatic notification (by e-mail or SMS) of affected passengers.

Inventory Management

  • Daily cabin inventory.
  • Flexible and unique probability logic (Versonix patented technology).
  • Cabins allotment support (allocation of inventory to agencies or other channels).
  • Ability to reserve/block cabins for special user definable needs or voyages.
  • “Nested” categories setup (combine categories for an availability request).
  • Automated cabin assignment optimization algorithm “Simulated Anealing”.
  • Easy way to switch cabins between categories on recurrent basis.
  • Custom segments and overlapping cruises.
  • Waitlist support.
  • Fire Zone functionality (guest max, passenger in cabin limitation).

Analytics & Reporting 

  • Data warehouse (customizable ETL (Target DB -Oracle or MS SQL Server).
  • Native integration with Jaspersoft Reports and Tableau.
  • Business intelligence – improve and optimize internal business processes.

Pricing Management

  • Flexible business rules-based pricing (based on product, market, guest profile, season, demand, travel agency profile, group price etc.).
  • Support for dynamic pricing models based on booking curves, days before departure, inventory filling rate, ship utilization, etc.
  • Easily adjusted pricing to react to market demand.
  • Ability to price per cabin segment, person, day, hour, number of stops, etc.
  • Easily create promotions with eligibility and capacity control.
  • Support for promotion combinability (can be at reservation or guest level).
  • Support for percentage or flat discount (can be applied to specific price components).

Agency Management

  • Detailed profile.
  • Rule-based commission management (basic, bonus % can vary by product, agency performance, market, cabin generic category etc.).
  • Commission split between multiple agencies.
  • Ability to associate specific commissions, payment schedule, insurance and cancellation policy with a specific promotion.
  • Net rate, tour operator rate.
  • Agencies hierarchy support.
  • Performance monitoring/history.
  • Pay commissions for various components at different times.
  • Loyalty program support for corporate customers.
  • Individual travel agent recognition.
  • Profile duplication reduction and merge capability.


  • User-definable forms of transactions.
  • Transfer of funds.
  • Cash register.
  • Online card processing; tokenization at client and transaction levels.
  • Scheduling future payments with credit cards.
  • Manual/automated component payments.
  • Refund approval process; automated/manual.
  • Support for multiple currencies; Pricing, Transactions, GLs, Agencies.
  • Invoicing for credit agencies (agreement); credit limits.
  • Calculation of tour credit (free berths) for groups, sail, bookings.
  • Commission: Basic, Tier, VAT, Bonus, GSA, Payout at multiple levels.
  • GL entries: daily, full payment, coupon, recognize revenue by sail, GL period, cancellations, insurance.
  • Allocate funds to specific owners (Departments/Partners/Product owner).
  • Automated features for closing accounting periods.
  • Automated process to recognize modifications after closing.
  • Interface to a GL system (such as SAP, Navision, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft, etc.).

Interfaces & Distribution


  • Finance (SAP, Navision, Oracle Fin, PeopleSoft, etc.).
  • On board systems.
  • Graph QL API for custom interfaces.
  • Amadeus for Air.


  • Web B2B, B2C (including tablet and mobile).
  • Sabre Cruise, Amadeus Cruise, Revelex, Traveltek, etc.
  • Cruise OTA API (agencies, wholesalers, etc.).
  • Online Salesforce integration.

Yield & Revenue Management

  • Fully integrated yield and revenue management functionality.
  • Define price levels to open/close promotions and/or apply discounts based on ship utilization and other business conditions.
  • Define booking curves based on budget and outlook to open/close promotions and/or discounts based on utilization and other conditions.

Maximize Efficiency with Versonix

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