Versonix-Seaware now is integrated with Salesforce CRM.

  • Here are few details:
    • SFDC performs as CRM with customer profiles/info
    • SFPD and Versonix-Seaware provide single sign-on
    • SFDC invokes Versonix Seaware functionality for booking with customer info prepopulated via Canvas framework (Versonix-Seaware browser based UI)
    • SFPD can also pass to Versonix-Seaware multi-package info such as shorex, land or other add-ons via call parameters to Canvas framework
    • Versonix-Seaware can execute real-time pass back of client / booking specific data to SFDC via SFDC API(Rest) when booking was successful or changed
    • SFDC and Versonix-Seaware also support indirect integration via JMS messages for real-time changes