As cruise lines around the world prepare for a post-pandemic travel boom, industry leaders are making use of new cutting edge features that Versonix has rolled out for its Seaware reservation platform. Enhancements include:

Online integration with Salesforce

Two way interface to manage Agencies/Agents and Guests between Salesforce and Seaware. Reservation data flows into Salesforce CRM data. New reservations can be initiated in Salesforce with seamless transition to Seaware. 

AI based revenue management

In addition to Seaware’s numerous built-in Revenue management capabilities, we’ve now added functionality that analyzes data, assesses trends, and makes recommendations and predictions using AI technology.

B2C solution based on the Google Flutter platform (Web, iOS and Android)

Versonix Seaware booking capabilities are now easily integrated with any corporate website. 

Advanced packaging capabilities to support Expeditions and Tours companies

Any kind of packages combining cruise/air/hotels/land programs/shorex/add-ons are supported. It’s possible to offer various optional/substitutable components and upgrades to enhance revenue. 

Seaware Analytics and Data Warehouse

We’ve developed ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) and Data Warehouse to give our customers an easy way to analyze Seaware data. Customers can use Versonix’s developed dashboards in Tableau or use other data visualization tools of their choice.  

Integration with Amadeus air contract management system

Agents can book Air using real time on-line interface with Amadeus air contract management system. 

GraphQL API 

GraphQL API covers full booking functionality and is available for customers who would like to integrate with Seaware using API.  

Cruise OTA API distribution 

Our customers can expand their distribution by using OTA API. Customers are already integrated with Sabre Cruises, Amadeus Cruise, Revelex, Odysseus and Traveltek.