Warner Leisure Hotels deploys Versonix Seaware and sees immediate return on their investment.

Warner Leisure Hotels, which operates a variety of unique and historic hotels across the United Kingdom, has seen a significant increase in the average booking value in the three months since the company implemented Versonix’ Seaware Reservation and Revenue management system.

The increase is due largely to Seaware’s unique shopping-by-attributes feature, as well as its patented revenue management capabilities.

“We are delighted to start realizing such a high and quick return on our investment,” said Clive Mitchell, CIO of Bourne Leisure Group Ltd, parent company of Warner Leisure Hotels. “Seaware is a very unique and a powerful product, which will allow us to adapt very quickly and efficiently to ever changing market conditions.”

Yuri Polissky, Chief Operating Officer of Versonix, said, “Versonix is very pleased to see that Warner Leisure Hotels realizes the great value in Seaware immediately after deploying.”

Warner Leisure Hotels is owned by Bourne Leisure Group Ltd. Exclusively for adults, Warner Leisure Hotels offer thirteen properties across the UK, including six majestic Grade I or II listed Historic Hotels in beautiful countryside locations, three relaxed and friendly Character Hotels and four charming Coastal Resorts all at pretty, seaside locations.

Versonix is headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley. In business for nearly 30 years, Versonix provides leading edge system solutions to the travel and transportation industries. Versonix’ Seaware is considered by industry observers as the ultimate in real-time travel reservations systems with built-in sales, marketing, revenue and yield management capabilities. For more information please visit www.versonix.com or telephone +1 (408) 873-3141.